Business Owners

Ray Murphy Broker/Owner
David Murphy Broker/Owner
Sharyon Murphy Property Management Director


Jo Clayton Real Estate Sales Agent
Gisele George Sales Agent
Udo Jattke Sales Agent
Joan Robb Sales Agent
Mat Foley Sales Agent
Cathy Ratcliffe Sales Agent
Margrit Allen Sales Agent
Natasha Whalley-Thompson Sales Agent
Billy Clarke Sales Agent
Keith Masotto Sales Agent
Tajana Turkovic Sales Agent
Sean Thorpe Lead Agent
Jan Hooghe Sales Agent
Sonny Bramble Sales Agent
Paula Campion Sales Agent
Emma Post Executive Assistant to Udo Jattke
Leah Everist Executive Assistant to 'The Ray Murphy Team'
Ben Keene Buyers Agent - The Ray Murphy Team
Kirah-Leigh Ryan New Business Development Manager
Kate Wilson Rental Department Manager
Shaneika Lydiard Property Management Administration
Jasmin Daniels Senior Property Manager
Charmaine Kautu Property Manager
Gina Reader Property Manager
Zac Harmer-Wise Receptionist

Property Management

Kyen Gandini Leasing Consultant